Changes and Lessons

Well it’s winter, so it’s supposed to be cold, right? Well it is, but every once in a while there’s this temporary temperature rise that grants us just the slightest glimmer of hope.

It reminds us that nothing lasts forever, change is inevitable, and when one is speaking about the weather, well change is the norm.

Some changes we enjoy, others not so much. Seems that change, whether planned by us or forced upon us, is all a part of our existence. And it seems at the first of the year some of us are bound and determined to make some changes. If you are one of those (for I am not) I applaud you.

And I want to encourage you…. good for you! And if you have a setback, don’t let that deter you, and don’t let others comments upset you. Try again, and if it seems impossible at this particular time in your life, well I’m here to applaud your personal effort. Good for you (again), you went at it, you gave it a try. Maybe next time your efforts will result in what you had desired.

What is comforting to me is to realize that sometimes it takes years for something to change. Perhaps it was more of a behavior thing, you may have called quits on that, but you may have to deal with the aftereffects of those previous choices. The comfort is this, as a believer in Christ you have made a change, never forget that. People may never forget past behaviors and seem to be thrilled to throw up in your face at every instant.

Remember this, the past is just that. You may carry the lessons that you have learned from it, but it should not run your present life. As a believer you really are a new creation. As old behaviors and attitudes change, the past is left behind. What is the sense of dragging that into your present and on into your future when it’s a closed history as far as your heavenly Father is concerned?

You see it tells us in scripture that “I am the Lord I change not!”(Mal.3:6). And when you brings failures and such before the Lord and set things straight with Him, well you are given a new start and the past is forgiven and forgotten. (Micah 7:9). People have a problem forgetting, but not God- it’s over and done with, get on now with your changes!


About Hilbob

I'm in the manufacturing field, & yet a licensed minister associated with the Midwest Association of Congregational Christian Churches. The name of Hilbob is a nickname I picked up in Nashville before heading back into the Midwest. You'll never know what might be rolling around in the ol' attic- but sometimes it just needs to be aired out, so this blog was started. Hope you enjoy the journey- be blessed!
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