the season of Christmas –

And so Christmas day proper has come and gone. How many have already taken down their tree in order to get ready for the New Year celebration. We haven’t yet, maybe another weekend to go before we do.

Now is the season of Christmas  really- for in the church’s liturgical calendar beginning on Christmas and going those “12 days of” to land at Epiphany, well this is technically called Christmas.

Wow! I don’t have to put the tree away, I have 12 more days to celebrate. But no that’s not right either…

I have all days to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. I want to be known as the converted old covetous sinner Ebenezer Scrooge at the end of his story.

“He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew, or any other good old city, town, or borough, in the good old world. Some people laughed to see the alteration in him, but he let them laugh, and little heeded them; for he was wise enough to know that nothing ever happened on this globe, for good, at which some people did not have their fill of laughter in the outset:…and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.”

Regardless if people laughed at the change over Ebenezer he was wise enough to let them shake their heads. He continued in his transformation, finally being noted for the ability to keep Christmas well. He had learned his lesson well with the visitation of the 3 spirits.

Now is the season of Christmas, and how shall we keep it? Perhaps we’re want to put it away, I pray not. The foundation of Christmas was the undeserving love of God towards us, towards a whole realm of Ebenezer’s. It is probably time for our own transformations, and in so doing, may we come to know how to keep Christmas well.

Show us Lord what Christmas is, transform our thinking to be in tune with the gifts of Christmas- salvation, compassion, and  charity towards all. Amen



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I'm in the manufacturing field, & yet a licensed minister associated with the Midwest Association of Congregational Christian Churches. The name of Hilbob is a nickname I picked up in Nashville before heading back into the Midwest. You'll never know what might be rolling around in the ol' attic- but sometimes it just needs to be aired out, so this blog was started. Hope you enjoy the journey- be blessed!
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