so this is Christmas



And so it is this Christmas day, all the candles may be lit on our Advent wreaths . The last candle is  the Christ Candle.

And Lord you remind me that the center of my focus is to be upon the one light that came into this world to dispel all the darkness that lies within… me.

There will always be darkness in this world, that will not change until He comes again.  But until that time we will contend with forces beyond our control. Forces that seek to tear at our communities, our homes, our relationships and within each one of us individually.

I need this Christ candle in my life, and I need to take it with me as I go from this day. For where there is darkness, there will be this light. Where there is hunger, there will I be fed on His word. Where there is confusion, there will be guidance. Where there is lack I will find all that is needed for this day and the day after that and the day after that and the day…

Hallelujah to the King of Kings, to He who sits on the throne of the God Most High. Blessed is He that came for me and sheds His light into the darkness of my soul. This is your day Lord, may you ever be praised in this life that I live.  


About Hilbob

I'm in the manufacturing field, & yet a licensed minister associated with the Midwest Association of Congregational Christian Churches. The name of Hilbob is a nickname I picked up in Nashville before heading back into the Midwest. You'll never know what might be rolling around in the ol' attic- but sometimes it just needs to be aired out, so this blog was started. Hope you enjoy the journey- be blessed!
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